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Program Reviews

"Just completed an intense, joyful, hopeful weekend using Katie's book as a touchstone, and integrating yoga and interactive activities. Very nicely done! Many thanks to Katie and also to Chris Connolly of Living my Dream Yoga in Lowell, MA. The two of you work well together, and being with you both was healing and helpful".

“Managing stress by learning how to fulfill the physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs was the goal of the program.  The weekend workshop was a concise, thought provoking, and reflective opportunity to explore deeper how to balance these needs in a no-pressure, relaxing atmosphere. I feel that I was provided tools that would help me to understand more fully how important it is for me to try to recognize all these needs and to reflect often and adjust in order to feel the balance I so desire.  Katie and Chris make a great team!  They complement each other’s personalities and teaching styles thus enhancing even more that sense of calm and balance”.  

Online Private Coaching Program

 This is a 10 week intensive online private coaching program based off the book I wrote, "Renewed: A Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to Self-Renewal".

Topics Include:

  • Learn the long term effects of fight, flight or freeze responses to stress.
  • Understand stress as a social issue. 
  • Reconnect to your intuition for guidance.
  • Discover the benefits of self-care.
  • Conquer the Inner Critic.
  • Grieve losses and expectations through the practice of self-compassion.
  • Learn how to set boundaries, say “no” and ask for help.
  • Surrender and let go of things that are no longer serving you.
  • Explore the sacred practices of prayer, meditation and yoga.
  • Embrace forgiveness.
  • Find Purpose.
  • Practice Gratitude.​

10 Week Program Includes:

  • One 60 minute intake session by phone or FaceTime.
  • Weekly "journal exchanges".
  • Unlimited online "spot coaching" through email or text.
  • One 60 minute exit appointment.

10 Week Program Fee:  $350.00

***Please schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation to see if this program is right for you.  Book is not included, but can be purchased on Amazon.com for $17.99 or in person for $15.00.



Monthly Self-Renewal Group for Women & TEEN Girls & TEEN Boys


RENEWED is offered as a monthly support group where members explore their journey with intuitive self-care through small group discussion, interactive activities, guided meditation and relaxation activities.  Please go to Events to see dates of upcoming Programs.

Day/Time:  One Tuesday a month TEEN Girls <OR> TEEN Boys 7:00PM-8:30PM---One Monday a month Women 10:00AM-11:30AM
Date:  September 2019-June 2020
Place:  Mind, Body, Spirit Counseling Derry, NH
Cost:  $35.00 per session


Monthly Topics include:

Session 1:  Understanding Stress
When we are in a constant state of survival, we are in a constant state of fight, flight or freeze.  Think about how your body responds to stress.  It is in and out and up and down with chemical reactions to daily stressors.  The constant rise and fall of cortisol and adrenaline affects the balance of our hormones and other chemicals in our bodies.   Over time this can cause a chemical imbalance that can lead to a clinical diagnosis of Panic Disorder, Depression, Sleep Disorders, etc. Learn how to recognize the signs of stress by understanding fight, flight and freeze and how chronic stress can lead to anxiety, depression, exhaustion and adrenal fatigue.  

Session 2:  Intuitive Living and the Mind, Body, Spirit Approach
Intuitive living is learning how to live listening to that small voice inside that tells us what to do or how to do something, rather than conforming to the man-made rules and expectations in our society, culture, family or religion. The Mind, Body, Spirit Approach to living is learning how to connect to our intuition and fulfill our physical, spiritual, mental and emotional needs, rather than conforming to the man-made rules and expectations in our society, culture, family and/or religion. It is learning how to renew ourselves by practicing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual self-care to maintain that balance.  By practicing self-care we honor our intuition and unblock anything that is keeping us stuck.  Learn about the 4 areas of self-care: mental, physical, emotional and spiritual.  Discover the benefits of making self-care a priority and develop a self-care plan for yourself.  

Session 3:  Understanding Cultural Rules and Expectations
The man-made rules and expectations in our culture, society, family and religion can affect our ability and willingness to honor our intuition.  Man-made rules and expectations can trigger stress and result in a disruption of intuition.  The stress these man-made rules and expectations create can also influence a person’s decision not to honor their intuition.  Explore the effects of culture, society, family and religion and how the rules we conform to affect our ability to practice self-care and honor our intuition.

Session 4:  Conquering the Inner Critic
The inner critic is that internal voice in your head that is constantly sending you self-defeating messages, criticizing and judging you. It is that voice in your head that is telling you that you are too fat or too thin. It is that voice in your head that is telling you that you are not good enough. It is that voice in your head that tells you that you are too sensitive or that you are stupid.  Learn about the inner critic voice, where it comes from and  what its motives are.  Explore the impact these messages have on your self-esteem and life and discover ways to conquer the inner critic.

Session 5:  Understanding Grief and Learning Self-Compassion
Grief is the process that leads to acceptance.  Acceptance happens when we let go of something.  It can include letting go of the passing of a loved one.  It can include letting go of a job.  It can include letting go of a friendship.  It can include letting go of an idea or vision.  It can include letting go of a desire or expectation.  You see, we experience grief on a weekly basis.  We just don’t realize it.  Learn the 5 stages of grief.  Uncover the areas in your life that you may be experiencing grief and learn ways to work through grief and embrace the stages by practicing the art of self-compassion.

Session 6:  Exploring Boundaries and Healthy Relationships
Boundaries are limits that draw lines spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically to protect us, keep us safe and help us to reserve our energy so we can use it toward our life purpose.  A healthy support system is a network of people who you can turn to for help, encouragement and emotional support.  Explore the difference between healthy vs. unhealthy boundaries in relationships.  Learn build a healthy support system.  Explore the benefits of learning how to set boundaries in your relationships, ask for help when needed and say “no” without feeling guilty.  
Session 7:  Faith-Building, Prayer, Meditation and Yoga
In order to fully surrender our will and submit to God, we need to have faith.  Faith is something that develops over time and happens in stages.  Prayer is a simple conversation between you and God.  Meditation is quieting the mind so you can hear God.  Yoga helps the mind to release distractions, the body to release toxins.  It promotes relaxation readiness by preparing the body and mind for prayer and meditation.  Explore your faith and uncover the faith-building process in your relationship with God.   Discover the benefits of prayer, meditation and yoga and how it can help you in your faith-building journey.

Session 8:  Discovering Purpose
RENEWED identifes three basic life purposes:  a universal purpose, a communal purpose and personal purpose.  In grade school we were taught story writing using the 5 W’s and 1 H, who, when, where, what, why and how.  RENEWED breaks these three purposes down into very simple terms for you to understand using the 5 W’s and 1 H to help you write YOUR STORY.  Discover your purpose by exploring your universal purpose, communal purpose and personal purpose.  See how your purpose has evolved over time and how it will continue to evolve in the future. 

Session 9:  Pride, Humility and Grace
There are two kinds of pride.  There is a healthy pride where we acknowledge things we’ve accomplished in our lives.  This kind of pride reinforces balance.  But, unhealthy pride disrupts it.  In order to let go of pride, we must replace it with humility and grace.  Grace is the act of loving without judgement or expectation; it is allowing another person to be who they are regardless of who I think they should or should not be and what I think they deserve or don’t deserve.  This session will take an inventory of your own pride and learn ways to be more humble and graceful with both yourself and others.

Session 10:  Gratitude
Gratitude allows us to shift from a negative perspective to a perspective of thankfulness. Practicing gratitude does not minimize our hurts, but instead allows us to see the blessings that come from our hurts.  It is the act of shifting our focus from the negative to the positive.   Learn how to shift from negative thinking to having an “Attitude of Gratitude.”



RENEWED is offered several times throughout the year as a 3-hour Self-Renewal Workshop.  You can choose from the Mother/Daughter Workshop, Mother/Son Workshop or Couples Workshop.   You can also request a 3-hour Self-Renewal Workshop for 6 or more.  Host is FREE.  Please go to Events to see upcoming workshops.

3-Day Self-Renewal Retreats

RENEWED is offered as a 3-Day Self-Renewal Retreat.  Our 3-Day retreat is our favorite way for you to experience RENEWED!  We offer retreats throughout the year, but do need advance commitment and registration in order to coordinate this retreat.  Cost is around $533.00 per person for the entire 3-Day weekend.  This price includes lodging, meals, program and taxes.  The retreat center we use is Spirit Fire Retreat Center in Leyden, MASS. Lodging and meals are provided for the entire stay.  Please go to Events to see upcoming workshops & retreats.

Call Me:  (603) 475-9030

"Last night Jackson and I attended a Mother/Son hosted at Mind, Body, Spirit Counseling with Katie LaPlant, LICSW.  We spend 3 hours at this amazing self-renewal workshop interacting and learning about stress and the body.  We played games, meditated, took quizzes, shared about each other.  Jackson loved it and wants to know when we can do it again.  I highly recommend attending one of Katie's retreats, mother/son or mother/daughter workshops. "
-Doreen and Jackson (age 9)

10-Week Online Private Coaching Program



Private Coaching Program

$75.00 per session


Monthly Self-Renewal Groups (Women/Teen Girls/Teen Boys)
$35.00 per session


3-Day Self-Renewal Retreat

$533.00 per person


RENEWED is a personal development and stress management program whose mission is to help participants learn how to naturally balance the mind, body and spirit to reduce symptoms of stress, burnout and adrenal fatigue that can lead to anxiety and/or depression.  

Is RENEWED for you?

  • Is your physical, mental, emotional and/or spiritual health suffering?  

  • Do you struggle trying to find balance in a fast paced and stressful life?  

  • Are you experiencing symptoms of anxiety or depression?

  • Do you struggle with making health a priority due to the busyness of life?  

  • Do you struggle to say "no" to things for fear of disappointing others?  Do you feel guilty asking for help?

  • Do you find yourself engaging in unhealthy or draining relationships and don't know why?  

  • Are you struggling with negative inner critic thinking?

  • Do you have difficulty letting things go that are no longer serving you?

  • Do you want to learn how to find peace and joy in any circumstance that life throws your way?

    ***If you answered yes to any of these questions, RENEWED Self-Renewal Groups, Workshops or Online Private Coaching might be for you.  

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